Liver Function

What am I..chopped liver?

This old saying relates to the feeling of being ignored, unimportant or treated as a “side dish”.

What I am asking you today, is could your liver be asking you this question?

There are Millions of people in the U.S. that have some form of liver disease, but there are many, many more who have compromised liver function, AND DON’T KNOW IT! I AM GOING TO TELL YOU HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR LIVER’S FUNCTION, BUT FIRST, WHY YOU SHOULD BE CONCERNED ABOUT YOUR LIVER:

Your liver is the largest internal organ in the human body and you can only last 24 hours without its function. It performs over 500 separate functions, among those, are storage of energy for use between meals, the production of bile to digest fats, production of cholesterol and many, many others. But, its most important job is to filter and cleanse your blood and body of poisonous chemicals, a process called detoxification. Some of these toxins are produced in the body and some we ingest or absorb from the environment. Some of the most common toxins we ingest are alcohol and prescription drugs. In particular, the class of drugs referred to as “statins” used to lower cholesterol, (Lipitor, Crestor, and Zocor) can be compromising to your liver function.

Liver Function

Liver Function - Internal OrgansEven our own hormones can be toxic. The liver breaks down and eliminates estrogen. If a woman has reduced liver function, she might have a higher risk of breast cancer due to a sustained high level of estrogen.

The process of detoxification is so important that over 80% of the body’s energy that is used for making new molecules, or chemicals, is used by the liver to help remove these toxins and wastes. If your liver is overloaded, as is the case for many Americans, you may be suffering from low energy levels since even more of your body’s energy is being devoted to detoxification.
Supporting or nurturing your liver can help increase your energy.
The most commonly diagnosed liver diseases are:

  • Fatty Liver Disease – a side effect of diabetes and obesity that affects as much as 20% of our population.
  • Viral Hepatitis – Hepatitis C has been diagnosed in over 5 million people. Many more have it
    and do not know it. Tufts University School of Medicine estimates deaths due to Hepatitis C will double in 2010 when compared to 1991.
  • Alcoholic Hepatitis – when the liver has too much alcohol to handle, normal liver function will be compromised, leading to inflammation of the organ.
  • Cirrhosis – long term inflammation of the liver from alcohol or Hepatitis C can lead to permanent scarring of the liver tissue.
  • Liver Cancer – primary cancer can form in the liver from Hepatitis B & C and cirrhosis or cancer from another area in the body can spread to the liver.

So what can you do to help your liver?

Liver Function - Milk Thistle Plant

One of Mother Nature’s best gifts to us is the Milk Thistle plant. For thousands of years, in Europe, milk thistle has been used as a liver restorative. Today, Germany’s regulatory agency for herbs, “Commission E”, approves silymarin (the active ingredient in milk thistle) as a treatment for toxic liver disease, and as a supportive treatment for chronic inflammatory liver disease and cirrhosis of the liver.

Silymarin detoxifies the liver, protects it against damage from toxins and alcohol and can actually promote the regeneration and repair of liver cells, thus REVERSING LIVER DAMAGE.

The liver is an amazing organ. Its cells are constantly dying and being replaced, similar to your skin cells and hair. But…..the liver is so important that God gave it the ability to regenerate.

Medical cases have shown that 75% of the liver can be surgically removed and the liver will regenerate itself completely! Silymarin has been shown to stimulate, or “fertilize” the growth of new healthy liver cells. Although silymarin won’t cure cancer or reverse permanent liver damage like cirrhosis, it can help keep producing new liver cells that work normally, therefore helping to preserve normal function.

Silymarin is available from many nutritional companies, but since health and dietary supplements are not regulated, you have to make sure you are getting a high-quality supplement in order to reap the health benefits. Consumer Labs showed that “78% of consumer products failed quality testing”.

I have spent years studying the research and have found a combination of nutrients, when added to silymarin, provide a much greater benefit than silymarin alone. My “Liver Protection and Detox Support” not only helps your liver regenerate and support its detoxification, but it can help reduce your risk for cancer and is helpful for diabetics in balancing blood sugar and diabetic neuropathy.

Whether you have one of the liver diseases above, or you are taking prescription medications, or you just want to be as healthy and energetic as you can, supporting your liver can be of great benefit.

I want my liver to feel and act like a full, healthy, smiling liver………not like chopped liver!


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